Egg Tart


Egg Tart

"Traditional Foods of Britain" As early as the Middle Ages, the British had used milk, sugar, eggs and different spices to make food similar to egg tarts. Youzhi egg tart is also one of the dishes of the sixth banquet of the Manchu and Han banquets in China in the 17th century.


The fillings of the meringue tarts are not only the mainstream egg tarts (sugar egg), but also the variant tarts mixed with other materials, such as fresh milk tarts, ginger tarts, egg white tarts, chocolate tarts and bird's nest tarts, etc.


The Portuguese cream tart, also known as the Portuguese egg tart, is characterized by its charred surface, which is the result of overheating the sugar (caramel).

The earliest Portuguese egg tart came from the Britisher Mr. Andrew Stow. After eating Pasteis de Nata, a traditional dessert from Belem, a city near Lisbon, in Portugal, he added his own creativity, using lard, flour, water and eggs, and British pastries. Created the popular Portuguese egg tart.

The taste is soft and crispy, the filling is rich, and the milky and eggy aroma is also very strong. Although the taste is layer after layer, it is sweet and not greasy.

Machinery for producing this food

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