Automatic Ciabatta/Baguette Bread Production Line

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CP-6580 Automatic Ciabatta/Baguette Bread Production Line

Machine Specification:

Paratha dough ball forming line details.

Size  (L)16,850mm * (W)1,800mm * (H)1,700mm
Electricity  3PH,380V, 50Hz, 15kW
Application Ciabatta/Baguette Bread
Capacity  1,800-4, 100(pcs/hr)
Production Diameter 530mm
Model No. CPE-2370

Production Process:

The food produced by this machine:

Baguette bread

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  • 1. Dough Chunker
    After mixing dough and proofing it is then place on this hopper for segmentation of dough.

    Automatic Ciabatta Baguette Bread Production Line0101

    2. Pre Sheeting & Continuous sheeting rollers
    ■ Speed of sheeter is controlled from controller panel. The whole full line have one electronic cabinet all are of line are connected with each other through programmed PLC and each have its own independent control panel.
    ■ Bread dough pre- sheeters: generate stress-free dough sheets of any type with excellent weight control at the highest quality. The dough structure is untouched because of the dough friendly handling. We have several solutions available, depending on dough type.
    ■ Continuous sheeting: the first reduction of the dough sheet’s thickness is done by a continuous sheeting roller. Due to our unique non- sticking rollers, we are able to process dough types with high water percentage.
    ■ Reduction station: the dough sheet is reduced to its final thickness while passing through the rollers.

    Automatic Ciabatta Baguette Bread Production Line0102

    3. Dough sheet cutting and rolling
    ■ Wide Cutting the dough sheet in lanes and spreading these dough lanes is now done by one module. It consists out of light weight, unique fit tooling. One set of cutting knives is developed to seal and cut the dough. Due to the light weight of the cutting knives, lower pressure on the conveyor belt life is applied and the life time is increased. Change over time is reduced by applying the spreading tools in a different manner.
    ■ A moulding table(Rolling sheet) is needed to produce rolled bread types. The outstanding performance of the ChenPin moulding table remains untouched. However, ease of cleaning and fast changeover is realized by creating optimal accessibility from both sides. Safe operation is achieved by use of double handed operation. Because a single operator can move the upper belt quickly and ergonomically, changeover efficiency improved.
    ■ Rounded edges and fully opening covers on both sides of each unit are applied throughout the system. The best possible accessibility and visibility of the process is achieved by optimizing the space between the working stations. Tools that are attached to the machine are mounted with standoffs. A minimal distance of 1 inch is applied to optimize cleaning activities. Overall safety is guaranteed by the application of safety locks. Lightweight safety covers with extra handles Dough recycling system enable ergonomic operation
    ■ After rolling it is than transfer to tray arranging machine and ready to go next part “that is baking”

    Automatic Ciabatta Baguette Bread Production Line0103

    4. Final Product

    Automatic Ciabatta Baguette Bread Production Line0104

    Automatic Ciabatta Baguette Bread Production Line0105

    Photo of baguette after dicing

    Automatic Ciabatta Baguette Bread Production Line0107

    Photo of Ciabatta / Baguette bread production line machine

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