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CPE-3100 Automatic Bean Pie Production Line

Machine Specification:


I  (L)18,588mm * (W)3,145mm * (H)1,590mm

II  (L)8,720mm * (W)1,450mm * (H)1,560mm


3 Phase,380V,50Hz,12kW


Read Bean Pie, Apple Pie, Taro Pie



Pie weight


Model No.


Production Process:

The food produced by this machine:

Red Bean/ Apple Pie

Red bean pie

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  • 1. Dough Trans Conveyor
    After Mixing of dough it is then place here on the conveyor belt and transfer to the next part of the line i.,e continuous sheet rollers

    1.Dough Trans Conveyor

    2. Continuous sheeting rollers
    Sheet is now process in these sheet rollers. These roller enhances dough gluten extensively spread and mix.

    2.Continuous sheeting rollers

    3. Dough sheet Extending conveyor
    Here Dough is extensively extend into thin sheet. And is then transfer into the next production unit of production line.

    3.Dough sheet Extending conveyor

    4. Stuffing machine
    ■ Pie stuffing is dropped on the lower dough skin of pie.
    ■ Continuously, discontinuously or in spots – fillings ranging from soft and creamy to solid are placed on the dough sheet in one to six rows. Even difficult filings such as meat and vegetables can be processed gently without crushing. It is quick and easy to clean.

    4.Stuffing machine

    5. Dough stacking
    ■ After mixer is dropped on the lower skin it is then start covering(stacking) layer on the mixer and lower skin.
    ■ You cut the dough sheet lengthways in a number of strips. The filling is placed on every second strip. Don’t need of any toboggan to place one strip on top of the other. Second strip to sandwich pie is automatically made by the same production line. The strips are then cross cut or stamped into shapes.

    5.Dough stacking

    6. Molding and vertical cutter
    Pie shaping/molding and cutting is done in this unit.

    6.Molding and vertical cutter

    7. Automatic Arranging
    Here after cutting pie is then automatically arrange by the help of automatic tray arranging machine.

    7.Automatic Arranging

    ChenPin has practically no limits when it comes to the automatic production of pastries or pie. Whether folded, rolled, filled or sprinkled – on ChenPin make-up lines, all types of dough can be processed to create exquisite baked goods.
    ChenPin offers an enormous range of accessories. You can use these to produce a comprehensive selection of pastries – very easily, with consistently high quality. The innovative engineering design enables you to switch rapidly from one pastry to the next. Stay flexible by varying your range of products using various cutters or other fillings, that will keep your customers happy and increase sales

    Production process

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