Stuffed Paratha


Stuffed Paratha

Stuffed Paratha

Carefully selected . Just for every bite

Fresh raw materials, full of flavor

Thin skin, crispy, thick filling, juicy

Multi-layered dough doubled as crispy

Stuffed Paratha

Under the attractive golden appearance, the multi-layered skin is as thin as paper

After a bite of crispy scum, there is a lingering fragrance in your hands

The stuffing is thick and juicy

Thick filling heavy paratha

Full of minced meat, bite the fragrant juice whirls on the tongue

The picky kid can't wait to eat every day

A happy family eats food

The stuff paratha is golden, juicy and yummy!


Both staple food and snacks are ready in a few simple steps

Choose a pan or electric baking pan, no need to defrost, no need to brush oil, open a low fire and fry on both sides, easy to eat

Machinery for producing this food

Post time: Feb-05-2021