Spiral Pie Production Line Machine

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Spiral Pie Production Line Machine

Machine Specification:


(L)19,770mm * (W)2,060mm * (H)1,630mm
Electricity  3 Phase,380V,50Hz,18kW
Application Spiral Pie, Kihi Pie
Capacity  1,800(pcs/hr)
Pie weight 60-250(g/pcs)
Model No. CPE-3126

Production Process:

The food produced by this machine:

Spiral Pie

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  • 1. Dough Trans Conveyor
    After dough is mixed it is then relaxed for 20-30 min then placed on the Dough Conveying Device. Here Dough is convyed into the next production line.

    1.Dough Trans Conveyor01

    2. Continuous sheeting rollers
    Sheet is now process in these sheet rollers. These roller enhances dough gluten extensively spread and mix.

    2.Continuous sheeting rollers01

    3. Dough sheet Extending Device
    Here Dough is extensively extend into thin sheet. And is then conveyed into the next production line.

    3.Dough sheet Extending Device013.Dough sheet Extending Device02

    4. Oiling, Rolling Of Sheet Device
    Oiling, Rolling of sheet is been done in this line and also if want spreading of onion this feature can also be added in this line

    4.Oiling, Rolling Of Sheet Device01 4.Oiling, Rolling Of Sheet Device02

    The secret of good pastry or Pie and other laminated products originates in the lamination process and the gentle and stress-free handling of the dough sheet. ChenPin is known and recognized for its dough processing technology that results in the gentle and stress-free handling of dough, from the beginning of the production process to the final product. Our knowledge is concentrated in the ChenPin R&D where, together with our customers, we develop the product they envision. Whether it is a tasty swirl, spiral pie or kihi Pie, we are sure that we can put our dough knowledge to work for you.

    Your product is always the starting point in developing the production solution that meets your needs. Our strong focus on flexibility, durability, hygiene and performance guarantees an efficiently produced, high-quality final product. The ChenPin production line thus produces your final product exactly the way you want it.

    Production process11

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