Round Crepe Production Line Machine

Technical Details

Automatic Round Crepe Production Line CPE-1200

Machine Specification:

Size  (L)7,785mm *(W)620mm * (H)1,890mm
Electricity   Single Phase ,380V,50Hz,10kW
Capacity   900(pcs/hr)

The machine is compact, occupies a small space, has a high degree of automation, and is simple to operate. Two people can operate three devices. Mainly produce round crepe and other crepes. Round crepe is the most popular breakfast food in Taiwan. The main ingredients are: flour, water, salad oil and salt. The crust can be made of various flavors and colors according to customer needs, and spinach juice can be added to make green. Adding corn can make it yellow, adding wolfberry can make it red, the color is bright and healthy, and the production cost is very low.

Put the dough into the hopper and wait for about 20 minutes to remove the air in the dough. The finished product will be smoother and more stable in weight.
The dough is automatically divided and positioned, and the weight can be adjusted. The equipment is shaped by hot pressing, the product shape is regular, and the thickness is uniform. Both the upper platen and the lower platen are electrically heated, and the temperature can be adjusted independently as needed.
The four-meter cooling mechanism and eight powerful fans allow the product to cool down quickly.
The cooled products enter the laminating mechanism, and the equipment will automatically put a PE film under each product, and then the products will not stick together after being stacked. You can set the stacking quantity, and when the set quantity is reached, the conveyor belt The product will be transported forward, and the time and speed of the transport can be adjusted.

Production Process:


The food produced by this machine:

Round Crepe

Round Crepe

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