Red Bean/ Apple Pie

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Red Bean/ Apple Pie

Originally a food originating in Eastern Europe,

it is now a typical American food. At first there was Apple Pie.

It comes in all shapes, sizes and flavors.

The shapes include freestyle, Standard two-tier and so on.

Flavors include Caramel Apple Pie, French Apple Pie, breaded Apple Pie,

sour cream apple pie, etc. . Apple Pie is easy to make, is a common dessert in American life,

can be regarded as a representative of American food.

Apple Pie is also a staple food, many teenagers like to eat,

 it is both simple and convenient,

and nutritious. Many families have it as a staple food,

 this can fill the stomach, is a very convenient food.

This kind of pie are very famous desert in Mcdonald's 

In addition to Apple Pie, there are American Desserts Red Bean Pie,

 Taro Pie, cheese pie, pineapple pie and so on. . .


Machinery for producing this food

Post time: Feb-05-2021