Palmier/ Butterfly Pastry


Palmier/ Butterfly Pastry

Popular in Europe, the characteristic flavor snack, 

butterfly pastry(Palmier) because of its shape resembles the butterfly to get the name.

 Its taste crisp, sweet and delicious, with a strong smell of Osmanthus fragrans.

Butterfly pastry ( Palmier is a popular in Germany,France, Spain, Italy, 

Portugal, USA and many other countries of the classic Western dessert.

It is generally believed that France invented this dessert in the early 20th century, 

and there are also views that the first baking was in Vienna, Austria.

The development of butterfly cakes is based on a change in the baking method 

of similar Middle Eastern desserts such as baklava.

Below is the picture for Middle eastern dessert "Baklava"


Machinery for producing this food

Post time: Feb-05-2021