Why should our company improve its product competitiveness

Why should we attach importance to product innovation in today’s society? This is a problem that many enterprises should think about. At present, many domestic growth-oriented enterprises are exploring product innovation. The form, function and selling point of products are more and more new. However, most of the enterprise innovation is spontaneous innovation and innovation for innovation. Many of them are the products of the sudden whims or wishful thinking of enterprise managers.

In recent years, we have realized that “under the great pressure of innovation in China’s market, enterprises have been greatly affected by the trend of” product innovation in China “.

Under the condition of market economy, it is rare that the supply of products falls short of demand, and most commodities will be in a state of market saturation; even if the supply of a certain commodity falls short of demand, there will be a balance between supply and demand in a short period of time, or even oversupply, which is the result of the allocation of market resources. In terms of phenomenon, the supply of most products in China’s market exceeds demand. The food industry is even worse. At the present stage, China’s food enterprises are flooding with homogenization of products, following the trend and counterfeiting products in an endless stream. Affected by the same products, the corresponding channel squeeze and terminal competition are inevitable, and the price war can be seen everywhere.

The homogenization of marketing of food enterprises makes the whole industry fall into the dilemma of low profit. Product power is an important guarantee for the competitiveness of enterprises. Enterprises should find out the shortage from the products and find the market from the product innovation. For enterprises, the market is always fair and equal, so enterprises aim at the market, innovate products and always find market space. Product innovation is not imagination or emotional impulse, but rational creation with rules to follow.


First of all, we should understand several principles of product innovation

1. Mainstream.

Food product innovation should take the mainstream Road. Only by grasping the trend of mainstream consumption can we achieve the success of product innovation. The modern mainstream consumption trend is in our daily life. If we pay a little attention to it, we will find that when we see more and more environmental protection, sports, fashion, health care, tourism and entertainment, we will know that the mainstream has penetrated into the whole track of our life. We can see from the review of the development process of China’s beverage industry that almost all the strong brands in the existing beverage market grow up with the rise of a certain mainstream trend. In a sense, we can even think that the beverage industry is an industry where the times make heroes!

At the beginning of the new century, the mainstream consumption trend of Chinese people has progressed from the simple “thirst quenching” to the pursuit of quality and nutrition. Therefore, juice drinks appear in the face of “vitamins” and “beauty”, and a large number of products with nutrition as the appeal appear and win the favor of consumers. In 2004, with China’s bid for the Olympic Games, the mainstream consumption trend of Chinese people has been improved The success of sports and the rise of sports craze, sports drinks are booming, pulsating mainstream innovation has won the status of sports drinks brand.

2. Times.

For individual enterprises, product innovation does not exist all the time, it is based on the opportunity of the times. Good product innovation can not guarantee the success of products, it must adapt to the environment of the times. Compared with the era environment, if product innovation appears too late, it may be out of date or be ahead of others; on the contrary, if it appears too early, it may make consumers unable to understand and accept it.

In the 1990s, when hundreds of color TV companies across the country were still engaged in price war, Haier carried out product innovation and took the lead in launching Haier digital TV. However, at that time, it became a groundless concept hype. The industry and consumers could not agree with such product innovation. Although it was a good product, it could not be established because of the different times and environment Color TV has a strategic position in China’s color TV market with fierce competition, and it overdrafts the marketing resources of Haier’s color TV, which makes Haier’s color TV set in an awkward situation.

3. Moderation.

Product innovation should be moderate, “small steps and fast running” is a safe way. Many enterprises often ignore the principle of “moderate lead, half step ahead”, once fell into the pleasure of product innovation and couldn’t extricate themselves, often made product innovation deviate from the correct track and stepped into the misunderstanding, even in the market collapse, waste enterprise resources, at the same time, the market opportunity is also missed.

4. Differences.

The direct purpose of product innovation is to create product differences, enhance the differentiation advantage of enterprise products, and increase the leadership of products in market segments. Break through the new market

Post time: Feb-04-2021