Automatic Ciabatta/Baguette bread Production line

Many customers use our website to inquire about the materials used for the French Baguette production line, so today the editor of Chenpin will explain the materials used for the French Baguette production line.


1. The choice of flour: 70% high flour + 30% low flour, the standard gluten strength for making stick flour is 10%.

2. Use special French Baguette modifiers (sugar-free bread) and low-sugar yeast: most modifiers in China are suitable for making sweet bread. The special modifier (LD500) has larger explosive cracks after use. If you did not examine the previous topic clearly, then review it.

3. Dough making: Mix the dough to 8-90%, control the temperature of the dough at 24-26℃, and divide it according to the required size. The dough is fermented at room temperature for 40-50 minutes, and finally shaped.

4. Final fermentation temperature: the ideal fermentation temperature is 33-34℃.

The above is the editor for everyone to sort out the relevant consultation on the material attention of the French Baguette production line. Through the sharing of this content, everyone has a certain understanding of the material attention of the French Baguette production line. If you want a deeper understanding For market information of the French Baguette production line, you can contact our company’s salesperson, or visit to Chenpin for on-site inspections to discuss exchanges.


Post time: Feb-04-2021