Egg Tart Production Line Machine

Technical Details

Production Process:


CPE3000M Automatic Puff Pastry Food Production Line

Machine Specification:

Size I  (L)13,000mm * (W)3.000mm * (H)2,265mm
II  (L)10,000mm * (W)1,300mm * (H)2,265mm
III (L)23,000mm * (W)1,760mm * (H)2,265mm
Electricity  3 Phase,380V,50Hz,30kW
Application Ciabatta/Baguette Bread
Capacity  40,000 pcs/hr.
Production Weight 90-150 g/pc
Model No. CPE-3000M

Pastries are increasingly popular at the breakfast table or as an in-between snack. In any shape or size, pure or filled with the finest chocolate or preserves, all pastries and laminated products can be shaped by the CPE-3000M line developed by ChenPin. This production line will allow you to form and shape dough (mostly laminated dough) into high-quality puff pastries,croissant and egg tart , just the way you want it in large quantities (for midsize to industrial bakeries) and with a superb product quality. The ChenPin Puff Pastry line can handle a large variety of dough types with a broad range of shapes and sizes.
Dough pieces for a wide range of confectionery products for both baking and preparation of frozen semi-finished products are formed out of the dough produced on the line.

Machine Specification:

Size (L)11,000mm* (W)9,600mm *(H)1,732mm
Electricity 3 Phase,380V,50Hz,10kW
Capacity 4,000-5,000(pcs/hr)
Product Weight 90-150(g/pcs) 

Production Process:

The food produced by this machine:

Baguette bread

Egg Tart

Palmier/ Butterfly Pastry

Palmier/ Butterfly Pastry


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  • 1. Filling/Wrapping for puff pastry
    ■ Automatic Margarine extrusion and wrap it inside dough sheet.
    ■ Fine thickness are achieve through dough sheeters and side through calibrator. Wastage are collected to hopper.
    ■ Material of is made of stainless steel 304.


    2. Multilevel layering
    ■ Transverse dough laying units (laminators) with roller spreaders, the development of which allowed to simplify the process of laying the dough ribbon, to provide a wider range of adjustment of the number of layers and more convenient access to the structural elements.
    ■ This process is repeated twice resulting several layers.
    ■ As the production line is automatic it is easy to handle and clean.


    3. Close View of layers
    ■ Result of twice layer through Transverse dough laying units result in several layers. You can have a close view of dough produced by ChenPin technology.
    ■ This line produce dough laminator which can be use to mould into several products like croissant , puff pastry, Egg tart,Layered paratha,etc and may more dough related multi level/layer pastries.

    3.Close View of layers

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