Paratha pressing and filming machine CPE-788B

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CPE-788B Paratha pressing and filming machine

Machine Specification:

Size  (L)3,950mm * (L)920mm * (H)1,360mm
Electricity  Single Phase,220V,50Hz,0.4kW
Application Paratha pastry film covering (Packing) and pressing
Capacity  1,500-3,200(pcs/hr)
Product weight 50-200(g/pcs)
Model No. CPE-620

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  • Dough ball conveying
    ■ Here dough ball is placed between two filming roller.
    ■ It have location guide to feed dough ball on work bench. Emergency stop on provide beside the feeding dough ball work station.

    Dough ball conveying

    Upper and Lower Film  Roller
    ■ These two film roller is used for filming paratha skin. lower roller films lower surface and upper roller films upper surface of paratha skin after beign pressed.

    Control Panel
    ■ From here can adjust product deliver time molding plate time and Product counter

    Dough ball conveying1

    Cutting and counter stacking
    ■ After completion filming and pressing. Film is now cut into horizotnal and vertical direction. After cutting film is then automatically starts counter stacking into conveyor belt.
    ■ It have safety gate to prevent from cutter.
    ■ Pressing mould makes perfect round paratha.
    ■ This press is versatile can be used to press any kind of frozen flat bread.

    CPE-788B is for pressing dough ball. We have several model for paratha dough ball production line like: CPE-3268, CPE-3368, CPE-3000L, CPE-3168. Each model has been designed according the making process of paratha according to meet your demand. Depending of Production capacity paratha making process we recommend the model no. for you. All production line are automatic easy to operate.

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