Lacha Paratha Production Line Machine CPE-3368

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CPE-3368 Lacha Paratha Production Line Machine

Machine Specification:

Size  (L)27,820mm * (W)1,490mm * (H)2,400mm
Electricity  3 Phase,380V,50Hz,19kW
Application Lacha Paratha , Thin Dough Products
Capacity  9,300(pcs/hrs)
Model No. CPE-3368

Production Process:

CP3368 流程图(英文)

CPE-788B Paratha Dough Ball Pressing and Filming Machine

Machine Specification:

Size (L)3,950mm * (L)920mm * (H)1,360mm
Electricity Single Phase,220V,50Hz,0.4kW
Application Paratha pastry film covering (Packing) and pressing
Capacity 1,500-3,200(pcs/hr)
Product Weight 50-200(g/pcs)

The food produced by this machine:


Lacha Paratha


Sesame cake




Baked cake

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  • 1. Dough Conveying Device
    After dough is mixed it is then relaxed for 20-30 min then placed on the Dough Conveying Device. Here Dough is convyed into the next production line.

    1.Dough Conveying Device

    2. Continuous Sheet Rooller
    ■ Dough ball is now processed into continuous sheet Roller.These roller inhance gluten to mix and spread more.
    ■ Speed of sheeter is controlled from controller panel. The whole full line have one electronic cabinet all are of line are connected with each other through programmed PLC and each have its own independent control panel.
    ■ Dough pre sheeters: generate stress-free dough sheets of any type with excellent weight control at the highest quality. The dough structure is untouched because of the dough friendly handling.
    ■ Sheeting technology is preferred above the traditional system because sheeting provides important benefits. Sheeting makes it possible to handle a wide variety of dough types, from ‘green’ to pre-fermented dough, all at high capacities

    1.Dough Conveying Device1

    3. Dough sheet Extending Device
    Here Dough is extensively extend into thin sheet. And is then convyed into the next production line.

    1.Dough Conveying Device21.Dough Conveying Device3


    4. Oiling, Rolling Of Sheet Device
    ■ Oiling, Rolling of sheet is been done in this line and also if want spreading of onion this feature can also be added in this line.
    ■ Oil is feed on the hopper and temperature of oil is adjustable. warm oiling is done from both top and bottom
    ■ Cleaning hopper is exit as oil exit pump is available on bottom of conveyor
    ■ After dropping of oil it is then automatic brushed into whole sheet as it move forward.
    ■ Both side calibrator give fine alignment to the sheet and wastage are automatically stored through conveyor to hopper.
    ■ After oiling sheet is then precisly divided into two half and roiling to make layers.
    ■ Silicon onion or flour sprinkle hopper available as optional.

    4.Oiling, Rolling Of Sheet Device

    5. Dough Relaxing Conveying Device
    ■ Here dough ball is Relaxed conveyed into many level of conveyor.
    ■ Warm oil is cool down here to make it dry

    1.Dough Conveying Device6

    6. Vertical cutter conveyor
    Dough are now vertically  cut here and transfer to the next part of line that is rolling.

    1.Dough Conveying Device7

    CP3368 流程图(英文)Now dough lines are ready to be rolled here,after dough si rolled it can now go into CPE-788B for filming and pressing.

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