Tortilla Production Line Machine CPE-800

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CPE-800 Tortilla Production Line Machine

Machine Specification:

Size  (L)22,510mm * (W)1,820mm * (H)2,280mm
Electricity  3 Phase ,380V,50Hz,80kW
Capacity  3,600-8,100(pcs/hr)
Model No. CPE-800
Press size 80*80 cm
Oven Three level
Cooling 9 level
Counter Stacker 2 row or 3 row
Application Tortilla, Roti, Chapati, Lavash, Burrito

Flour tortillas have been produced for centuries and have become popular around the globe. Traditionally, tortillas have been consumed on the day of baking. However, the need for high capacity tortilla production line has therefore increased . We have transformed the traditions of the past into a state-of-the-art production line. Most tortillas are now manufactured by hot press. The development of Flatbread Sheeting lines is one of the core expertise’s of ChenPin. Hot-press tortillas are smoother in surface texture and more elastic and rollable than other tortillas.

As time passed customer demand for more higher production result to CPE-800 Model.
■ CPE-800 Model Capacity: Press 12 pieces of 6 Inch, 9pcs of 10 Inch and 4pcs of 12 Inch running at 15 cycles per minutes.
■ Superior control of product positioning during pressing to increase product consistency while minimizing waste.
■ Independent temperature controls for both top and bottom hot plates
■ Dough ball conveyor: Distance between dough balls is automatically controlled by sensors and 4 row,3row and 3 row conveyors according to your product size.
■ Easy, faster and convenient to change Teflon conveyor belt.
■ Automatic guide system for Teflon conveyor of hot press.
■ Size: 4.9 meter long oven and 3 level which will enhance tortilla bake on both side.
■ Oven body heat resistance. Independent burner flame and volume of gas control.
■ Cooling system: Size: 6 meter long and 9 level which give more time of cooling to tortilla before packing. Equipped with variable speed control,independent drives, alignment guides and air management.
■ Accumulate stacks of tortillas and move the tortillas in a single file to feed packaging. Able to read the pieces of the product. Equipped with the pneumatic system and hopper are used to control the motion of the product to accumulates it while stacking.

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