Fully automatic pizza machine manufacturer


Fully automatic pizza machine-Chenpin Food Machinery Co., Ltd. All products will be tested before leaving the factory to ensure reliable performance. The normal service life can reach 10 years. The machine has all technological innovations. Machine updates can only be fully automated and easily operated by one person ,high productivity.

Features :

1. Adopting the principle of multi-roller one-time forming, the size and thickness of the pizza base are uniform, so that the quality of the finished pizza base is guaranteed.

2. Quicken the reconciled face Put the dough into the hopper, after three dough rollers, the dough is conveyed by the conveyor belt, the dough is sprinkled with flour from the powder box, and then it is formed by the mold cutter, the formed pizza base is automatically stacked, and the leftover material is returned to the belt Pass to the original feed hopper.

3. This machine adopts stainless steel or ordinary steel, with reasonable structure, easy maintenance, disassembly and cleaning. Automatic sheet feeding, automatic powder sprinkling, automatic forming, automatic nailing, uniform feeding, neat panel, saving labor.


It produces various types of dough product, such as pizza base, pita bread, corn taco, lavash, etc., which are used by dough product wholesalers. It has simple and convenient operation, can save a lot of human resources, improve work efficiency, will not produce scraps, and does not require other additional auxiliary equipment, which is convenient for your production. The full-automatic dumpling wrapper machine is designed by the experts of our factory and widely solicited users’ opinions. The machine has reasonable structure and simple operation, and is well received by consumers.


1 Tighten all parts, install flat and stable.

2 The operator must wear button-sleeved work clothes, and cannot reach into the hopper.

3 Hard impurities in the flour must be removed.

4. Motor oil cannot replace cooking oil.

The 5-face machine rotates clockwise to prevent reverse rotation.

Test machine and operation:

All preparations are ready before the power is turned on. After starting the power and running for 10 minutes when the machine is empty, stop and check for any abnormalities. After everything is normal, the production can be started. The continuity of the supply should be ensured during the production process. The dough sticking to the roll is caused by the excessive powder of the dough or the loosening of the scraper bolt. If the machine is not used for a long time, it should be wiped clean and coated with cooking oil.

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Post time: Feb-04-2021