Churros Production line machine

Many customers use our website to call the five types of error prevention methods for the fried dough stick production line, so today the editor of Chenpin will explain the five types of error prevention methods for the churros production line.


Five types of error prevention methods:

1).Automatic fail-safe device equipment

2).Sensor amplification



5).Special inspection control device

1. Fail-safe equipment

Interlook sequence: Ensure that the next operation cannot be started before the previous operation is successfully completed.

Alarm and cut-off: will be activated when a legal situation occurs in the process;

Disarm the alarm signal: it will be activated after all remedial measures are completed;

Innocent: Ensure that part of the work can only be fixed in one position;

Restriction mechanism: used to ensure that tools cannot exceed a certain position or quantity.

2. Sensor amplification

It is used to enhance people’s vision, hearing, smell, touch, taste and muscle strength, such as optical amplification, focusing on sensory and auditory signals, remote monitoring of dangerous processes, and replacing text with pictures.

3. Redundancy: as an additional measure to ensure quality.

Multiple identification codes: such as barcodes, color codes, etc., to prevent product confusion;

Redundant actions and approval: two people are required to work independently;

Audit and inspection procedures: to ensure that the plan is tracked;

Verification design: Use special designs, such as viewing holes, to determine whether the product or process performs satisfactorily.

Multiple test stations: Many characteristics can be checked, such as those appearing on high-speed production lines.

4. Countdown

Organize the process of reading data and information so that error procedures are kept in parallel so that every step, such as a spacecraft launch, can be checked. It has also been effectively used in operation and welding.

5. Special inspection and control equipment

If the computer checks the credit account, it rejects the invalid account and provides timely feedback.

The above is the editor for everyone to organize the relevant consultations on the five types of error-proofing methods for the churros production line. Through the sharing of this content, everyone has a certain understanding of the five types of error-proofing methods for the fried dough stick production line. To understand the market information of the churros production line, you can contact our company’s salesperson, or go to Chenpin Food Machine for on-site inspections to discuss exchanges.


Post time: Feb-04-2021