Chenpin Food Machinery: CP-788 Series Film Coating and Biscuit Pressing Series, Defining New Standards for Food Processing.


In the food processing industry that pursues efficient production and excellent quality, the CP-788 series film coating and biscuit pressing machine independently developed by Shanghai Chenpin Food Machinery Co., Ltd. has led the innovation trend in food machinery. Today, we will provide a detailed introduction to this series of products, how they meet the production needs of different scales and achieve the perfect combination of single-machine operation and batch production.


The CP-788 series film coating and biscuit pressing machine from Chenpin Food Machinery not only operates independently as a single machine, meeting the needs of small-scale production, but also seamlessly integrates into large-scale food production lines to achieve efficient batch production. Its ultra-high flexibility makes the CP-788 series an ideal choice for food processing production lines.


The CP-788R round film pressing machine for pie-type products, with its precise pressure control and efficient film forming technology, ensures that each pie reaches the ideal shape. With a capacity of 4,500 pieces per hour, whether it's single-machine pressing or large-scale food production lines, the round film pressing machine provides stable and reliable performance.

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The CP-788H square film pressing machine is specifically designed for square-shaped products such as hand-grabbed pancakes, scallion pancakes, and flaky sesame cakes. It not only ensures the uniformity and consistency of the pancakes but also offers a production capacity of up to 5,500-6,000 pieces per hour, meeting the market's demand for mass production of fast food.


Chenpin Food Machinery's latest release, the CP-788DA large-scale film coating and pressing machine, is specially designed for large-diameter products such as sauce-flavored pancakes. The highlight of this machine is its ability to press out a large pancake with a diameter of up to 52cm in one go, achieving a pressing rate of 1,000 pancakes per hour.


Shanghai Chenpin Food Machinery Co., Ltd.'s CP-788 series film coating and pressing machines, with their outstanding performance and innovative technology, have set a new benchmark for the food processing industry. We believe that with the continuous advancement of technology and the expansion of the market, Chenpin Food Machinery will continue to lead the industry trend, providing customers with more efficient and intelligent food processing solutions.

Post time: Jun-24-2024