Automatic Puff Pastry Food Production Line

Many customers call us through our website to inquire about the compilation summary of the puff pastry production line machine, so today the editor of Chenpin will explain the compilation summary of the puff pastry production line machine.

Purpose: To systematically sort out the problems found in the process of program design, improvement measures and results achieved. It is helpful for managers to accumulate experience in innovative methods and master production conditions in future work.

(1) Comparison of compilation efficiency and layout before and after compilation;

(2) The basis for the combination of workstations, the reference before and after improvement of equipment and fixtures;

(3) Compare the effects of personnel, production efficiency, floor space, crop transplanting time, yield, accumulation and quantity of semi-finished products before and after innovation, and calculate economic benefits.

(4) Improvements and adjustments in the compilation process are recorded in documents, such as work instructions, QC engineering drawings, process flow charts, etc.

When the production line is completed, it does not mean that the production line has been completed. Because with the passage of time, the proficiency of the operator will have some changes, some customer requirements, staffing and so on. The production line should regularly measure working hours to understand the current situation.

It needs to be summarized once a month, and the production line is re-organized according to the above order. In this way, in order to give full play to the maximum production capacity of the production line, we must constantly adjust and compile.

The above is the editor for everyone to organize related consultations on the compilation summary of the puff pastry production line. Through the sharing of this content, everyone has a certain understanding of the compilation summary of the puff pastry production line. If you want a deeper understanding For market information of the puff pastry production line, you can contact our company

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Post time: Feb-04-2021