Automatic Ciabatta/Baguette bread Production line


Many customers use our website to inquire about the 5S marking standard and label management of the French Baguette bread production line. Today, the editor of Shanghai Chenpin will explain the 5S marking standard and label management of the French Baguette bread production line.

1 Ground access line and area dividing line

Line type

Class A-yellow solid line paint

Line width 60mm: In principle, it is used for positioning the article line.

Width 80mm: In principle, it is used for equipment area lines.

Line width 120mm: In principle, the main channel line

Class B-Yellow Paint Dotted Line

Width 60mm: Part of the boundary line in the large working area, allowing to cross the channel line (combination of virtual and real)

Class C-Red solid line

Line width 60mm: Defective product placement area dividing line (touch three walls, draw a solid red line on the fourth floor)

Yellow and black zebra crossing (slash 45)

Dangerous goods area line, cordon line, fire exit line

Position line

Class A-Equipment Location:

All equipment and workbenches are positioned using yellow four-corner positioning lines. The hollow part of the quadrilateral positioning line of the workbench is marked with “XX workbench/equipment”.

Class B-Defective product area positioning (waste recycling bin, packaging box, defective product placement rack)

If the positioning range is less than 40cm x 40cm, directly use the closed solid wire frame for positioning.

Class C-Storage location of dangerous goods such as fire fighting equipment, petroleum and chemicals

Use red and white warning position lines

Class D-store commonly used items, all movable or easily movable equipment, including material code racks and regular shapes

Use yellow four-corner positioning lines

Electronic fire hydrant door opening area, power distribution cabinet and other contraband locations

Fill the line with red and white zebra

Class F-mobile equipment location (such as hydraulic forklift, electric forklift, material turnover, etc.)

Use the positioning line around the yellow line and indicate the starting direction.

Category G-Bookshelf Location

Class H-opening and closing rows

Class I-Limit Line

Class B-Police Demonstration Perimeter

Fire hydrants installed on the wall; power distribution cabinets, distribution boxes, electrical control cabinets, etc. Remind the operation area, remind the walking area, remind the meeting place, etc.


Processed parts, processed parts, working tools, inspection tools, record sheets, small object boxes

2. Channel marking

3. Precautions for painting

The deviation between the computer display effect and the actual color, the color can be mixed with various colors according to the actual effect (bright yellow, sky blue, red, green standard), but the requirement is close to the color effect sample display computer, it is Consistent in the factory.

4. Tool identification plate

Uniform tool cabinet, mold rack and commodity cabinet logo (pasted on the upper left corner of the cabinet door), indicating the tool category and person in charge.

(The above regulations can be adjusted individually by each unit in the specific implementation. For example, in some simple occasions, only the name of the logo can be printed and produced by itself, but it is required to be eye-catching and beautiful, and strive to unify internal specifications.)

5. Workshop material identification

The material placement point, the material to be processed and the placement position of the material to be processed in the workshop, as well as the control of the name, quantity, specification and maximum upper bound of the material.

6. regional signboard settings

7. Other considerations

Trash cans are stored in a fixed location, without partition walls, and cleaned regularly, so they cannot overflow or accumulate.

Workplace mapping should be planned and displayed: production sites (or team area locations), visits, in-process conversions, garbage storage points, etc.

At the operation or production site, all facilities and items not specified in the fixed drawings should be removed to match the drawings.

No curtains or other obstacles should be hung on the windows of the workshop.

The team rest area has clear settings and slogans.

The above is the editor for everyone to organize related consultations on the 5S marking standard and label management of the French stick production line. Through the sharing of this content, everyone has a certain understanding of the 5S marking standard and label management of the French stick production line. If you want to have a deeper understanding of the market information on the French stick production line, you can contact our company’s salesperson, or go to Shanghai Chenpin for on-site inspections and discuss exchanges.


Post time: Feb-04-2021