About balance production by Automatic Tortilla line

Many customers use our website to call to inquire about the balance of the tortilla production line, so today the editor of Chenpin will explain the balance of the tortilla production line.


The reason why the assembly line has strong vitality is because it realizes the work segmentation. In the past, the automobile industry was a purely hand-crafted workshop, and all apprentices had to go through more than 28 months of training and learning to master the production process of a car. The assembly line divides the car assembly process into several sub-processes, and then further subdivides these sub-processes. Each person is only responsible for a small part of it. Through job segmentation, labor efficiency is improved and overall efficiency is improved.

Production line balance, also known as process synchronization, is to adjust the running time of the production line through technical organizational measures so that the cycle time of the station is equal to the beat of the production line, or an integer multiple of the beat.

An important indicator of production line balance is the production line balance rate.

Assuming that the working time of each product is 100 seconds, the cycle time of the entire pipeline is 80 seconds, and the time wasted waiting is 20 seconds, which is the time lost in balance. If the waste of waiting for 20 seconds can be eliminated, the working time of the product is 80 seconds, and the same pipeline only needs 8 people. At this time, the balance rate of the pipeline is 100%. A 100% balance rate means:

1. No need to wait between workstations, the production capacity is the same before and after. There was only one voice on the production line: “I just finished one, and the next product is coming.”

2. With the same station rhythm and the same momentum, the production line can realize flow production without forced rhythm.

3. Balance loss time is 0, no employees are idle.

With the changes in the proficiency and fatigue of the operators, the operating cycle time of each station presents a fluctuating curve, so the balance rate of the entire operating site also presents a fluctuating curve.

The above is the editor for you to organize related consultations about the balance production by tortilla production line. Through the sharing of this content, everyone has a certain understanding of the balance of the tortilla production line. If you want to have a deeper understanding of the tortilla production line For market information, you can contact our company’s salesperson, or go to Chenpin for on-site inspections to discuss exchanges.


Post time: Feb-04-2021