Manufacturer of automatic Red bean/ Apple pie Production Line

The general flow process of Red Bean/ Apple Pie production line products:

Mixer -  dough mixing  -  Fermentation  -  CPE-3100  -  dough delivery  -  dough shaping 

   top and bottom dusting  -  rolling and thinning  -  top and bottom dusting       dough sheeting  

   Spraying on the dough sheet  -  splitting the two halves of the dough  - 

   stacking of the skin  -  molding with filling  - sealing and cutting  - 

  automatic tray machine  -  tray trolly move to frezzing 

-  surfacing with modified strach-  ready for packaging 

Machine Specification:

Size  I  (L)18,588mm * (W)3,145mm * (H)1,590mm
II  (L)8,720mm * (W)1,450mm * (H)1,560mm
Electricity 3 Phase,380V,50Hz,12kW
Capacity 14,000(pcs/hr)
Product Weight 50(g/pcs)

Post time: Feb-04-2021